"A mother passes away, leaving the family stricken with grief. This film elegantly and confidently manages to show how grief affects people differently and how people deal with grief in different ways. While the father seeks comfort at the bottom of a bottle and the older brother turns his anger towards everyone and everything around him, the young protagonist finds consolation organizing a ceremonial parting with his mother that is meant to ensure her safe passage to the afterlife. It is a beautiful ceremony that ultimately brings the family back together. The film is told in a simple yet elegant way and delivers a touching narrative about the faith and grief of a child."
- Festival Jury, Copenhagen

A young boy builds a raft to reach his mother in the land of the dead, which he believes is reached at the end of the river that runs alongside his property.

Drama I 14 Minutes directed by Melissa Anastasi written by Melissa Anastasi & Chris Squadrito Produced by Rachel Argall Starring Zac Ynfante, Tony Poli, Lucia Mastrantone, Callum McManis AFTRS (Australia Film Television & Radio School)

WATCH ON ABC IVIEW https://iview.abc.net.au/show/by-this-river

FESTIVAL SCREENINGS Uppsala International Short Film Festival, (Sweden) 2013 Brisbane International Film Festival, (Australia) 2013 Cinema Des Antipodes, Cannes Film Festival, (France) 2013 Cyprus Days International Film Festival, (Cyprus) 2013 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival,  (USA) 2014 St Tropez Film Festival, (France), 2014 BUFF Film Festival, (Sweden) 2014 Buster Copenhagen International Film Festival, (Denmark) 2014 Flickerfest International Short Film Festival, (Australia) 2014 St Kilda Film Festival, (Australia) 2014 Seen & Heard Film Festival, (Australia), 2014 WOW Film Festival, (Australia) 2014 Down Under Berlin, 2014 Greek Australian Short Film Festival, 2014 WIFTI International Showcase, (USA) 2015 Roshd International Film Festival (Iran), 2015 Taiwan International Childrens Film Festival (Taiwan), 2016

AWARDS Best Short Film - Buster Copenhagen International Film Festival, (Denmark) 2014 Australian Director’s Guild – Best Direction in a Student Film, (Australia) 2014 European Union Film Award (The EU & The AFTRS), 2013